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Hello – I’m Catherine Palin-Brinkworth

I know how to Get Booked and Get Paid for sharing your knowledge and expertise – and I want to make it easier for you to do that too.

I’m a Certified Speaking Professional, the internationally recognized, earned designation of the Global Speakers Federation, which I have served as International President and Executive Chair.

Yes, I’ve made millions of dollars as a professional speaker.

And no, it wasn’t always easy.

Over the years I have attended hundreds of seminars and conferences, all over the world. I have been totally committed to my professional development as a speaker. I have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in learning about how to build a successful business as a speaker. I have kept folders and handouts and documented everything of value that I have learned. And now I can save you the time and effort I had to invest, to make it easier for you.

Do you struggle with identifying your ideal topic?

Do you worry about what to charge? And how to ask for your fee?

Do you not know how to get the bookings – and get paid?

Do you just not know where to start??!!!

Or – do you just not know what you don’t know

“Catherine is a natural mentor – she is friendly but firm, caring whilst critical, wise and wonderful. Catherine’s advice is so perfectly tailored to the business of speaking that it is an invaluable resource for both emerging AND established speakers. She perfectly blends her insight and generosity with her experience and uses it to push speakers to their true potential.”
Yvonne Adele CSP - Ideas Culture

For some years now, I have helped hundreds of people to build their speaking business. But access to me has always been limited by time and space.

Now through the magic of the wonderful world wide web, I can help YOU to build your own financially successful speaking business, without your having to find a gap in my schedule. You’ll save time, save a heap of money and learn how to make more money all at the same time!

"Catherine Palin-Brinkworth CSP is one of the true legends of the speaking business. She has helped me and continues to help me to discover my own magnificence, one of the keys to success in this business. Catherine's knowledge of how to be a success is awesome as is her ability and generosity of spirit in sharing it."
Ian Berry CSP - Changing What’s Normal

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I’ll give you the 6 Successful Speaking Secrets that I’ve learned the hard way while building my professional speaking business.

None of these has been easy to learn or do. But they are definitely learnable and doable. There are skills and strategies involved in using them. You may already have these skills and strategies - and my 6 Successful Speaking Secrets could be enough for you to start your serious commitment to Making Money As A Speaker.

But if you want more support, it’s available.

I have created a on-line speaker mentoring program, which will provide you with the step-by-step hand-holding support and guidance you need, to begin being paid for your knowledge and experience. Right now you still have an opportunity to join, and get lots of bonuses and personal help from me.

For six months, I’ll be there for you. Every week in your inbox, you will receive a weekly e-class to guide you in building your speaking business the easy way – to save you all the time and money that I went through. You’ll get a monthly Webinar – free to members – that will give you a chance to ask live questions and get answers. You’ll get lots of added support facilities - and you’ll even get real live one-on-one time with me!

“Catherine has, and continues to be, a wonderful mentor for me personally and professionally. She has an innate way of saying the things that need to be said in a positive, thoughtful and gentle way – like a soft slipper in the rear when you need it! Her insight, wisdom and learnings in her own business dealings have been exceptional in providing the direction required to determine the most appropriate format and structure of my business. I consider my involvement with Catherine to be an integral part of my personal and professional growth in the speaking and training industry. I truly appreciate her ongoing support and encouragement to stretch me to even greater heights. I would have no hesitation in recommending Catherine if you are seeking a true insight into how to be the best you can be in the speaking profession.”
Donna Hanson, CSP - Productivity Expert

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These strategies have enabled me to charge more and work more than most other professional speakers, working the hours I want, with the clients I like, travelling to amazing locations and staying in 5 star venues…..Read these 6 Successful Speaking Secrets and use them to develop your own speaking business faster and more easily than I did.

"Catherine has always been a wonderful mentor to me. She’s been able to help me see clearly into what I’m aiming to achieve – drawing on her vast knowledge and expertise derived from years of experience. She’s very respectful and supportive, yet gives a nudge when needed. I would highly recommend Catherine as a speaking mentor to anyone who was looking for some insights into this exciting and sometimes daunting industry!"
Marie Farrugia - Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator - Time For You

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So let me help to make it happen for you!

The world is hungry for the treasure which is yours alone to give.
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"Catherine is always supportive, encouraging and gives you a 'stretch' goal. She is a fabulous role model, mentor and coach. She helps you discover your 'specialness'."
Yvonne Collier CSP - Communications Specialist