If any of these are true for you – I know I can help you!

      • I have a lot of knowledge and experience, I just don’t know how to package it.
      • I’m earning a little bit from my speaking, but I’d like to earn a lot more!
      • I have no idea how much to charge. Do I just find out what others are charging?
      • I’m hopeless at asking for the money!
      • I just don’t know how to get the gigs – let alone the paying ones
      • I’m not sure what my topic should be. How do I stand out from the crowd?
      • I’ve spent a fortune on brochures and my website – and it’s not working!!
      • How do I know if I’m good enough? What right do I have to speak in public!

“Working with Catherine has allowed me to capture my material and learn how to market it effectively resulting in multiple sales in product and clear branding of my ‘Get Real’ keynote. With so many creative ideas she has taught me the importance of identifying what the current issues are in the corporate world, and creating products to fufil those needs rather than simply excite me! Now you can access Catherine’s wisdom and wealth of experience as a professional speaker, as your own personal mentor.”
Mia Munro - Performance Mentor

If you’re still with me, and you relate to these issues, I feel for you.

I’ve lived and learned through every one of those questions. And I did it the hard way. Seriously!

Let me save you that time, trouble and trauma! Let me help you!

I started my professional speaking business from home, as a single mother with a big mortgage and absolutely no idea how to move forward.

Ten years later I was an internationally designated Certified Speaking Professional,
one of an elite 7% of professional speakers in the world today. This designation is conferred by two national speakers associations in the world, and recognised by the Global Speakers Federation. It is based on both proven consistent commercial demand and business success.

As well as Chapter and National President of my National Speakers Association, I’ve been International President of the Global Speakers Federation, working with people from 11 countries.

And I have made millions of dollars from speaking.

Because of my success, I’ve been asked continually to advise and mentor other aspiring speakers – and I’ve almost always said yes. I love seeing new talent emerge, and because I know what a fabulous contribution a great professional speaker can make to an individual, an organization, a community and to the planet, I want you to succeed.

Now I can help you quickly, easily and effectively through my Mentoring Program – Make Money As A

It’s a step-by-step program where I show you exactly what you need to do to build a professional speaking business, enjoying an amazing lifestyle and being of great benefit to all you serve.

"Imagine being able to gain insight, wisdom, experience, integrity and talent all through connecting to one mind wrapped in a great heart and completed with a warm smile. Catherine Palin-Brinkworth is this mind and greatly assists all people wanting to make progress in our speaking industry."
Glenn Capelli - Professional Speaker
Professional Educator of the Year 2006
Nevin Award Recipient 2007 - NSAA’s highest Professional Speaking Award
Sir Winston Churchill Fellowship Awardee

It’s easy. Simply decide that being a highly paid professional speaker is important to you, and that you want to know how to do it .

My on-line mentoring is available to you for $US147 per month for 6 months, or a simple one-off payment of $US750.

(Of course I charge a great deal more than that for live coaching and mentoring. And my protégés know it’s worth it. So this is a steal!)

Just compare that with what you know you can be earning as a speaker. And know YOU CAN be earning it within a very short time.
Join NowThis is the greatest profession in the world, with impact and rewards beyond imagining. If you want to be part of it, let me help you, with my experience and knowledge delivered to you, through Just as I’ve helped many hundreds of others.

"I have known Catherine Palin-Brinkworth for more than a decade as a member of NSAA. Catherine was instrumental in supporting the former ACT Chapter and continues to encourage and model the best qualities of a professional speaker. She is a gracious, generous, insightful person who respectfully shares her wisdom and moves with integrity. These are top qualities for a mentor. A person seeking her advice will be tapping gold."
Ann Villiers, Mental Nutritionist

For $US 147 per month, for 6 months, here's what you'll get:

TickWeekly eclasses on everything you need to know to build a professional speaking business, emailed to your inbox. I'll take you step by step through the mazes and minefields, sharing with you all that I have learned so you get to do it quickly and easily without wasting time or money. This will save you hours - even years, and tens of thousands of dollars. The topics we’ll cover are:

  1. Your Product-Service Offering
  2. Your Purpose as a Speaker
  3. Define and Refine Your Topic
  4. Design and Craft Your Presentation
  5. Who is your Market?
  6. What to Charge?
  7. How to Reach Your Market
  8. Must-Have Marketing Materials
  9. Building Bullet-Proof Belief
  10. Building Your Business Plan
  11. Profiling Presentations and Practice
  12. Speak to those who Want Speakers
  13. Make the Sale
  14. Records and Statistics
  15. Measure your Value
  16. Tailor Your Presentation
  17. Testimonials
  18. Selling from the Platform
  19. To Powerpoint or Not To Powerpoint
  20. Product Development
  21. Bureaus Agents and Managers
  22. Researching for Content
  23. Social Media for Speakers
  24. Your Speaker Website
  25. Speaking Internationally
  26. Make More Money as a Speaker

TickYou also get invaluable templates for all the business tools you need – promotional 'one-sheets', booking agreements, fees schedules, pre-program questionnaires etc. etc. This alone will save you thousands of dollars in lost fees. And a great deal of stress.

Tick Wonderful Webinars - free to my members. We'll focus on core issues, with interaction and question and answer sessions to help you move forward quickly . Not only will you have me as a hand-holding Mentor through this program, you'll have a group of peers from around the world with great ideas to share as well! If you want to do well, you'll need to learn that this is not a competitive field, it's a collaborative one. We all build each others' reputation and desirability. Each of us is unique, and we grow best when we learn from and share with each other.

Tick Tools to help you decide on your topic, to construct your presentation and determine your market niche. You'll discover how to deal effectively with bureaus, agents, and other intermediaries. You'll save yourself years of figuring it out, and you'll never have to work your way through innocent gaffes or ever have to worry about making a fool of yourself through not knowing.

Tick Methods to most effectively market yourself, to develop product for passive income, and to leverage your expertise through licensing your intellectual property. Yes, you can replicate yourself as a speaker. I've done it, and I can show you how.
Tick And most importantly, you'll learn what to charge! Determining your fees can be one of the biggest challenges for a speaker, at any level of experience. I have several formulas to help you work that out, and you can use some one-on-one time to make it easier too.

Tick You'll get password access to our Speakers' Corner section of this website with continually updated invaluable information about becoming a successful professional speaker. I will do my absolute best to ensure you get your money's worth, and to help you bring your greatness to the platform.

So click the button and create the future you know you deserve. If you're not sure whether to invest, count the money you haven’t earned, because you didn’t have the information you needed to make it happen.

Don’t procrastinate any more.

The world is hungry for the treasure which is yours alone to give.
Join NowJust in case you’re still not sure – here are some Frequently Asked Questions from previous mentorees:

How long will it take me to succeed?

I honestly don’t know. Some of my past mentorees have hit the stage running and become hugely successful very quickly. Others have taken a lot longer to really find their feet and have built their business slowly but surely. It will depend on a lot of factors, such as your existing level of skill, your current reputation, and your willingness to put your whole heart into it. But if you want to drop out of my mentoring program at any time, you can do that and you can always rejoin later.

What if I follow all your advice and still can’t succeed?

If you do not believe my mentoring is valuable and useful to you, simply stop. It’s that easy. Although this is a six month program, and you are going to want to stay involved until you’ve got all the info you can, I don’t want you to feel locked in if you’re not happy. And…

GuaranteeWe’re so confident about the value of Make Money As A Speaker that you get our
absolutely-no-risk-to-you, money-back, no-argument-clause guarantee!

Guarantee –Join today, and subscribe for 60 Days. If at the end of that time you’re not convinced that it’s excellent value for money, for whatever reason, just email me and I’ll give you an immediate refund.

I’m happy to share what previous mentorees have said:

"Catherine Palin Brinkworth is an authentic mentor who brings insight, compassion and reality! During our mentoring conversations, I felt supported, encouraged and accountable to take action and create results. If you are looking for a true speaking expert, who really knows the speaking business, Catherine is an excellent partner to have for growth and success."
Jen Harwood - The Jenerator! Sydney, Australia

If you can’t wait to get started and want me to help you build your speaking business NOW, click on the link below and go immediately to our secure site - you’ll start getting practical workable information from me immediately.

You’ll be so glad you believed in yourself enough to do this. I can’t wait to see you out there speaking for the reward you deserve!

Join Now"The best thing Catherine ever did for me was encourage me to believe I was among the better speakers in the world and to triple my fee on the spot. I haven't looked back."
Colin Pearce CSP

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